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​Since childhood, I've been putting pieces together. The threaded needle called to me early and I perfected the arts of sewing, embroidery, quilting, and pattern design. I became a teacher and taught others how to put pieces together to make lovely things. Studies in England refined my skills and I emerged as an artist working in embroidery which suited me well as I showed and taught my craft.

As techniques and interests were incorporated into my working process I noticed the lovely papers which were being generated as part of the process. I began assembling the papers into interesting collages which found their way into my journals. As my skills and process changed the collages emigrated off the book pages onto the walls of my home and into local galleries. I have mostly left the stitching behind and now concentrate on creating beautiful papers, making collage paintings using many of those old techniques.

I continue to work rather small, preferring the square format which perhaps references the piecework and garment making I once enjoyed.

My current work is informed by personal experiences, travel, and whatever happens in my vision. Many collage paintings have elements of photographs of the people and places in my life. But mostly, my work is abstracted, with emphasis on design, value, and color. The papers I prepare with paint and ink are my palette, along with an array of acrylic paint, applied with a vast array of tools.